Outriders latest broadcast debuts new environments

People Can Fly’s second “Beyond the Frontier” broadcast is out for its upcoming co-op RPG shooter, Outriders, and it goes over pretty much everything, except for what the fourth character class is.

One of the more interesting aspects of the half-hour video shows how the game’s structure will work in more detail. While it isn’t a strictly open-world game, Outriders features a sizable map that’s broken down into different sections, all centralized around individual hubs. The game begins in the colonized parts of Enoch before the story takes players to the wilder sections of the planet. Each hub world has bespoke combat arenas where players will take on the main story, as well as branching areas for side quests. Completing story missions will also unlock more side quests in the hub world.

Venturing beyond the colonized parts of Enoch will change things up slightly, though the general idea is the same. Your truck will act as the hub for missions in the wild, and your crew will function as the merchants.

The broadcast also goes into more detail about the Pyromancer class, which is a class that seems particularly suited for crowd control. One of the draw backs of the Pyromancer is that it can’t move in and out of combat as quickly as the other two revealed classes, the Devastator and the Trickster. However, it’s a great class for players who like to stick to cover and engage enemies at medium range.

Finally, it was revealed that Inon Zur is composing the music for Outriders. Zur is best know for scoring the Fallout series and Dragon Age: Origins.

The one thing we really want to know, however, is what the fourth mystery character class is. Unfortunately, it seems like we might have to wait a couple more months until we find out what that class is.

Outriders launches holiday 2020 for Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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