Outriders gameplay details new enemy type, UI customization, and World Tiers

Square Enix has released the debut video in a monthly series called “Outriders Broadcast” that’s documenting the development of Outriders, the upcoming third-person sci-fi shooter from People Can Fly, introducing a new enemy type, detailing UI customization and difficulty settings, and giving a tour of the First City.

As we mentioned in our hands-on preview of the game, Outriders feels like a mix of Destiny and Gears of War with that special People Can Fly focus on gunplay and movement. The first Outriders Broadcast shows off a new setting called the First City, which is where Enoch’s accidental colonists initially set up shop following the Anomaly that gives your characters their special abilities. The First City was decimated after the settlement’s energy source—one of the wrecked engines from your group’s ship—goes nuclear and decimates the town with radiation. Abandoned, the First City becomes a haven for murderous scavengers and a new monster that was mutated by the Anomaly.

In addition to new gameplay, the video also shows off the granular level of customization for the game’s UI and difficulty settings. When it comes to the UI, players can pretty much choose exactly which icons they want on the screen at any given point.

Difficulty settings, meanwhile, play more into Outriders‘ RPG elements. World Tiers are the game’s dynamic difficulties, and players will have to level up their World Tier in order to play at higher difficulties and earn better loot. After hitting a new World Tier, players can choose to play at the higher difficulty setting or stay at their current World Tier without impacting their own player level. One of the interesting mechanics with World Tiers is that you can earn and use gear that’s a higher level than your current character if you’re playing on a more difficult World Tier, and in co-op, enemies will be more difficult to compensate for the higher player count.

Unfortunately, while we get to see the Pyro and Trickster classes in action, this particular episode of Outriders Broadcast doesn’t give us any information on the mysterious fourth character class that People Can Fly has mentioned.

Outriders is currently scheduled to launch this holiday season for PC, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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