Outriders’ free New Horizon update fixes the endgame

Developer People Can Fly has revealed the free update for Outriders that fixes the main issue with its endgame Expeditions and adds a ton of quality of life features.

The biggest improvement that arrives with the New Horizon Update is the removal of timers from Expeditions. According to a video from the developer, one of the main issues that players had with Expeditions was that the timer forced them into a DPS build. That’s no longer necessary, as People Can Fly has removed the timed requirements to earn rewards from Expeditions. This change comes just in time for the new Expeditions that New Horizon also adds.

The New Horizons Update also adds Transmogrification, which lets you change the look of a weapon without changing its stats. The best part? Transmog is absolutely free and won’t cost you any resources.

Tiago is now more useful, as his shop will let you buy random Legendary gear, while spending drop pod resources will let you re-roll what he has on offer.

You can learn more about the update, as well as its numerous quality of life changes, in the below trailer. New Horizon launches tomorrow, and a megathread details every single thing coming then.

Outriders is playable on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia.

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