One to Play: The Invincible

PUBLISHER: 11 bit studios
RELEASE: 11.06.2023
PLATFORMS: Xbox Series X/S, PS5

“Based on Stanisław Lem’s iconic hard science fiction novel, The Invincible is a narrative-driven game where every action the player takes is linked to the quest to rescue [their missing crewmates], uncover the mysteries of Regis III, and ultimately save themselves from this mind-boggling planet. Players assume the role of a crew member on the spaceship Dragonfly, which lands on a planet entangled in a cosmic race between two rival factions: the Cosmosolidary Alliance and the Interplanetary Commonwealth. There, you must search, deduce, track, repair, drive, fly, and negotiate. You also engage in profound discussions with your astrogator, and this dialogue system, along with a strong emphasis on narrative, and the integration of gameplay with the storyline, are all elements that align with our primary inspiration, Firewatch—though we also looked up to Alien: Isolation as a strong example of creating a sense of alienation and immersive, claustrophobic experience.”


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