Norman Reedus seemingly reveals that Death Stranding 2 is in the works

During a roundtable Q&A for the 11th season of The Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon actor Norman Reedus let slip that a sequel to Death Stranding may be happening.

“I think we’re doing a second Death Stranding,” Reedus told AdoroCinema reporter Vitória Pratini (translated from Portuguese by Google). “[The game] is in negotiations right now. So… Yay!”

If Death Stranding 2 is indeed in the works, that’s good news for a game that originally garnered mixed opinions. Personally, I loved the game—saying as much in my review—and it’s an experience that has stuck with me in a way few other games in recent years have.

However—I’m not sure it needs a sequel. I think it was a story and a game that did everything it needed to do in one shot, so I worry a second chapter might feel unnecessary. Then again, if anyone can offer us something unique and different in a sequel, it’s Hideo Kojima.

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