Nioh 2 update makes adjustments to Yokai abilities and Soul Core drop rates

Team Ninja has pushed a new update live for Nioh 2 that makes adjustments to several Yokai abilities.

According to the developer, the update aims to buff abilities that feel “underpowered and/or ineffective in order to achieve a more balanced and well-rounded experience for the player.” A few examples include increased damage for the Kasha Soul Core, shorter recovery for the Shuten Doji Soul Core, and an improvement in the startup speed of the Yamanba Soul Core.

In addition, the drop rates of several Soul Cores have been increased in this update, including Umi-bozu, Infernal Oni-bi, Thunderstorm Oni-bi, and Flying Bolt. Read the full patch notes below:

Nioh 2 is available now on PlayStation 4.

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