Next Sea of Thieves Adventure features the Shrouded Ghost

The next Sea of Thieves Adventure, titled The Shrouded Deep, will get underway on April 21st, Rare has announced.

This latest Adventure will see players working alongside Merrick, Belle, and other pirates to summon the fearsome Shrouded Ghost megalodon and recover a powerful artifact. Watch the reveal trailer below:

For players who are unfamiliar, Adventures are a new type of time-limited content that will each last a couple of weeks and form an overarching story. Completing these Adventures will offer players exclusive cosmetic rewards.

Also arriving on April 21st is the new Pirate Legend exclusive Voyage Legend of the Veil. In this new Voyage, players will be helping the Pirate Lord uncover the gems that belong to the Veil of the Ancient’s mask.

Sea of Thieves is available now on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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