New Xbox Insider builds available for Alpha Skip Ahead, Beta, Delta, and Omega rings

Microsoft has pushed new updates live for Xbox Insiders in the Alpha Skip Ahead, Beta, Delta, and Omega rings.

Starting with the Alpha Skip Ahead Ring, Insiders can now download a new update that fixes a transparent black bar appearing on screen when opening the guide and makes adjustments to local languages across the console.

Microsoft also outlined a few bugs that are present in the Alpha Skip Ahead build, including Dolby Atmos audio dropping at 120hz, the return dashboard becoming unresponsive at boot, ads being cutoff on the dashboard, and buffering when using the Plex App.

Moving onto the Beta ring. This latest build includes fixes for audio changing to 7.1, the Disney+ App losing sync between audio and video, the dashboard not loading, the Disney+ App going missing from Ready to Install, and players being disconnected from party chat.

Finally, Delta and Omega ring Insiders get all of the fixes from the Beta ring in addition to the Xbox One Home dashboard experiment. Read more about the experiments here.

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