New Shootout locations added to Red Dead Online

Rockstar has revealed this week’s selection of additions, bonuses, and discounts for Red Dead Online players.

Starting off this week is the appearance of the Legendary Ruddy Moose. Naturalists can visit Harriet and start a Sighting Mission to hunt down this legendary animal. Those who choose to take out the Ruddy Moose can bring its hide to Gus to get a coat and cowl. Gus is also paying out 50 percent extra on all Bear Pelts for the next week.

In addition to the new animal sighting, several new locations have been added for Shootout. Both free for all and team variations will now contain maps in Blackwater, Bolger Glade, Saint Denis, Tumbleweed, and The Manor.

As for this week’s bonuses, players can get five Blending Tonics and 50 rounds of Nitro Express Ammo for playing before October 19th, as well as a free Off-hand Holster (Rank 70 and below) for hunting or sedating the Ruddy Moose.

Finally, all Outlaw Pass No. 3 owners will receive 10 Special Health Cures, five pieces of Lost Jewelry, and 200 rounds of Sedative Ammo this week, with a select colorway version of the Griffith Chaps and the Caffyns Hat on offer for those who made it past Rank 50.

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