New PlayStation 4 commercial takes us to the edge of gaming

On the edge of gaming, play has no limits—at least, that seems to be what the new PlayStation 5 commercial titled “The Edge” is telling us.

Sony has long been known for crafting cinematic commercials to help sell its upcoming (or current) consoles, and this one is no different. Could this be a metaphor for developers now being able to travel beyond the known limits of game creation thanks to the power and potential of the PlayStation 5? Or could it simply be that someone somewhere just though this idea would be pretty badass?

‘The Edge’ showcases our ambition to challenge the ordinary and continue to push the boundaries of play,” writes Eric Lempel, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s senior vice president of PlayStation Worldwide Marketing. “We want to raise the bar for our fans and for ourselves as we move into a new generation. The core of our brand is defined by those thrilling moments when our hearts race and we leap into undiscovered adventure. That’s what this new ad is all about.”

While this new commercial isn’t bad, I think I still prefer the one Sony released leading up to the PlayStation 4—aka “Greatness Awaits.” While it hits on some of the same themes of the ordinary world become extraordinary, I think it does so in a way that feels both grander yet more connected to gaming.

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