New photos suggest PlayStation 5’s side panels can be changed

Console customization has long been a fun part of the game systems that support such options, and it looks like the PlayStation 5 might offer some serious personalization potential.

While anything like this should always be taken with a grain of salt, a new gallery of photos has been uploaded to the internet purporting to show the white side panels of the PS5. From looking at them, it seems like they might be easy to remove from the main portion of the console.

Two obvious reasons for allowing owners to remove such panels on a game console would be to gain access to upgrade internal storage, or perhaps to allow for easier access to clean out the inside of the system. (Game console creators really don’t do enough to make it easy for consumers to rid their systems of dust.) However, past that, another reason would be to offer a relatively easy way to customize the look of a console.

One of a number of photos posted to

Although the current models of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro don’t offer such a feature, the original model of the PS4 had a top plastic piece that could easily be removed. Usually, it’s main purpose was to serve as easy access to the internal hard drive bay, but Sony (and other companies) ended up selling replacements in a variety of colors and styles for giving your system some personality. Going back another generation, The original Xbox 360 featured faceplates that could be snapped off and replaced with a variety of other options that were either for sale on their own, or bundled with games as special bonuses.

While Sony will no doubt offer a variety of colors and special models of the PlayStation 5 throughout its life, knowing that consumers might be able to easily swap out the panels on their own makes an already stylish system even more display-worthy.


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