New leak potentially reveals price, release date for next-gen Xbox consoles

After a crazy Labor Day that saw clips from an official reveal trailer for the Xbox Series S leak—and then that official reveal officially revealed in the middle of the night—we’ve also been given a potential leak of the full price and date details for both of Microsoft’s next-gen consoles.

When the Xbox team finally threw up their hands and showed the Xbox Series S to the world on the official Xbox twitter account, they also included a price: $299. While the price of the hardware codenamed Lockhart had been rumored to be aggressive, $299 is an incredibly aggressive price tag for a console that’s going to give gamers proper next-gen experiences at up to 1440p.

Windows Central’s Jez Cordan and Zac Bowden, however, weren’t satisfied with just stopping there. According to them, both the Xbox Series X and Series S will be launching on November 10th—which, given that Microsoft itself just confirmed that date for the S, indeed seems to be the case.

Their story then went on to give not only a price for the Series S at $299, but also the Series X at $499. Given that Microsoft has also confirmed that price for the S, it again seems like a safe bet that both prices are correct.

For a while now, $499 has been the price tag that’s been expected for both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. Hopes of coming in lower than that have seemed foolish, but the big question has been if the prices might actually be higher. Even though this isn’t really the kind of economy you want to launch a $549 or $599 video game console in, the build price for both next-gen offerings made those prices something that had to at least be considered.

Obviously, confirmation on these details in regards to the Xbox Series X still need to come from Microsoft, and at this point, it seems like the company will have more to show in the very near future. With the important details now seemingly confirmed for the Xbox side of things, however, all eyes turn to Sony for a date and price on the PlayStation 5.

Source: Windows Central

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