New details on revolutionary Overwatch eSports league revealed

In a recent press conference, the head of eSports for Overwatch, Nate Nanzer, finally delivered some details for the highly anticipated Overwatch League.

Ever since its announcement at Blizzcon 2016, fans of competitive Overwatchplay have been hungry for information on the structured and regionally-based eSports league from Blizzard. However, outside of a general idea of what to expect, no information has been dished out—until now. Thanks to the fine folks on the Overwatch subreddit who were willing to translate, we now have a confirmation of the League’s kickoff window: Q3 2017. Blizzard plans on the 2017 season being very compact, while 2018 will be set with a consistent schedule.

“At the start, it will be held in major stadiums in some regions,” Nanzer said. “With enough teams and infrastructure, you will be able to enjoy [OverwatchLeague] being played in home stadiums. Also, the final match of the [Overwatch League] will not be Blizzcon, and it will be held in a new city every year.”

This is big news, as many assumed that Blizzcon would operate as a final “big-bang” for the league. Instead, going to a different city every year shows Blizzard’s commitment to make this more like traditional sports.

In fact, Blizzard doesn’t want to just seem like traditional sports, they want to rival them.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to state that the [Overwatch League] is not simply a part of marketing strategy,” Nanzer clarified. “We are pursuing it with strong will and with the goal of establishing eSports ecosystem that rivals traditional sports. Blizzard will continuously invest in this challenge. Overwatchhas 20 million paying players within 8 months of release and we believe it has sufficient potential.”

For the remainder of the interview, you can check out the Overwatch subreddit.

Source: Reddit

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