New Bakers, Buns, and levels revealed for Bake ‘n Switch

Streamline Games has announced that its upcoming party game Bake ‘n Switch will include 50 new levels, three new Buns, and two additional Bakers at launch.

The Serradurra Desert World will feature 50 new co-op levels for players to work through and three new Bun creatures that each have unique behaviors: Armadough, Fluff Fox, and Bunboa.

In addition, Sage and Salt will join the Baker lineup alongside the previously announced Ginger, Rosemary, Thyme, and Parsley. Sage has access to a witchy brew that sucks in Mouldies and immediately bakes nearby Buns, while Salt can use a grappling hook to pull in runaway Doughs. See them in action below:

“We are very excited to finally share the expanse of the Bake ’n Switch world. We’ve hinted at it for some time, but now we’ve unleashed Serradurra, on top of Tropic Toaster, to add more Buns, more Bakers, and more interactive dynamic courts that bring new challenges and variety to the game,” Stefan Baier, COO of developer Streamline Games, said. “Launching with 100 levels, 2 worlds, online co-op and pvp proves that our game can have a long shelf life, and keep players coming back for more.”

Bake ‘n Switch launches this summer for Nintendo Switch and PC. The game is also in development for PlayStation 4.

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