Neverwinter: Sharandar’s second episode has arrived on PC

The second episode of Neverwinter’s three-part Sharandar update is now available on PC, publisher Perfect World Entertainment and developer Cryptic Studios have announced.

In Episode 2: The Soul Keeper, the blight has receded from New Sharandar, but now a new dark cloud has descended upon the Mended Grove. As a result, Eladrin Elves are rising from their graves and corrupted Iliyanbruen Elves are roaming the land. Players will have to band together to assist the elves in getting rid of the soul-stealing Night Hag to save New Sharandar.

The update will introduce the new Mended Grove area, the Night Hag Lair, a new campaign, four new Heroic Encounters, and new Bounties to complete.

Neverwinter: Sharandar’s second episode is available now on PC and will be coming to consoles on May 13th.

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