MLB The Show 21 offers up “thank you” gift as apology for server issues

With the ever-existing popularity of the series, people desperate for new game to play, and the influx of Xbox owners for the first time ever, MLB The Show 21‘s servers have had some trouble keeping up with the demand.

Now, Sony San Diego Studio is offering up a bundle of goodies to players as an apology for those server issues.

“First and foremost – our top priority remains server stability and performance,” the studio’s new blog post reads. “This year has introduced a lot of new challenges that require new problem solving and solutions.”

According to Sony San Diego Studio, a server update was implements on May 4th along with the game’s fourth update, and the team says that the’ve “seen improvement in daily stability since then.”

However, as a “small gesture of appreciation to the community,” Sony San Diego Studio has now put up a “Thank You” bundle that players can snag for free from the in-game The Show Shop.

The bundle includes:

  • 42 Series Legend Choice Pack (unsellable)
  • Diamond Ballplayer Choice Pack (equipment + 2 perks, unsellable)
  • 10 Team Affinity Vouchers
  • 5 The Show Packs
  • 10,000 Stubs

If you want to grab your own bundle, be sure to be quick about it: it’ll only be available until May 17th.

Source: Sony San Diego Studio

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