Microsoft shows off more of the Xbox Series X’s new, yet familiar, dashboard

When the Xbox Series X launches later this year, its user interface will feel very familiar to anyone currently playing games on an Xbox One. And yet, it’ll also be bringing with it some important upgrades.

One thing Microsoft promises users will notice is a speed boost all across the interface. In additional to previously-revealed features such as Quick Resume for getting into (or back into) games faster, the home screen is said to be 50-percent faster when booting the system, and will load almost 30-percent faster when existing out from a game. In additional, the overall dashboard is said to use “40-percent less memory than what was previously required.”

Another way in which the interface is said to be both speedier and more user friendly is in the new Xbox mobile app that’ll be coming in the near future. In additional to expanded functionality for entering text, the mobile app will now do things like assist with sharing your favorite gaming moments. Whenever you take a screenshot or capture video footage, it’ll automatically be sent to the Xbox mobile app, making it quick and easier to then share to social media without having to temporarily pause the game.

And, of course, the overall look and feel of the Xbox Series X dashboard will be very reminiscent of the current Xbox One dash, but it’ll also be getting a host of tweaks and revisions. Tiles seem to now have more rounded edges, and watching the video, the guide instantly stands out as sporting a new look.

On a personal level, I was originally pretty disappointed that the Xbox Series X was mostly going to have the same user interface as the current Xbox One. There’s always something fun about getting a new console and having a completely refreshed interface, and that’s definitely one of the exciting parts of the upcoming PlayStation 5.

At the same time, as I get older, I’ve come to appreciate dependability more and more. The problem with new interfaces is that they often come missing a lot of the features the previous interfaces sported. How many times have we moved to a new platform and found a lack of any time of folder system, for example? (And, sometimes they still don’t have them years later, like a certain current piece of gaming hardware from a certain Japanese company.) The Xbox Series X’s interface might not be exciting, but I know it’ll at least have all of the features that I’ve already got on the Xbox One right from launch.

Source: Xbox Wire

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