Microsoft is introducing text filter options for Xbox Live messaging

Microsoft has announced that it will be adding text filter options for private messages via Xbox Live soon.

Following the update, which is rolling out today for Xbox Insiders, players will be able to filter content based on what they do and don’t want to see. Players can choose between four different filtering levels: Friendly, Medium, Mature, and Unfiltered. However, there is an option to show the filtered content by selecting it.

When using the “Friendly” filter, the system will block as much potentially offensive content as possible. When content is blocked, a message reading “Potentially offensive message hidden” will be displayed. While “Medium” tries to strike a balance between “Friendly” and “Mature” by allowing trash talk, but hiding vulgar language. Next up is the “Mature” filter, which will only hide content that Microsoft has determined “is always harmful towards those receiving it.” Finally, “Unfiltered” acts just like Xbox Live messaging works currently, with no filtered words.

Microsoft also mentioned that there is also an option to choose different filtering levels for messages from friends and message requests from strangers.

“We also know that keeping in touch with your gaming friends is important whether you’re on the console or on the go,” Microsoft added. “With that in mind, we’ve made sure these settings work across Xbox One, Xbox Game Bar, the new Xbox App on Windows 10, and the Xbox Mobile app.”

These new filter options are rolling out for Xbox Insiders today for private messages. The plan is to eventually expand the system to include profiles, LFG, Clubs, and the Activity Feed. All Xbox Live users will gain access to these new filters sometime this fall.

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