Metal: Hellsinger arrives on PS4 and Xbox One, new difficulty added

The Outsiders has released a new update for its rhythm shooter Metal: Hellsinger.

This update introduces the new Archdevil difficulty option, which sits above Lamb, Goat, and Beast. Players can expect stronger demons, a new Elite Seraph demon, and no last stand. This difficulty is unlocked after beating the game.

The developer has also added new combos and a new series of Coat of Arms collectibles. One Coat of Arms is hidden in each level for each of the four difficulties. Collect them to unlock new weapon skins.

Check out the full patch notes below:

New game difficulty: Archdevil.

  • For those of you wild demons who have mastered Beast comes Archdevil, a new wicked difficulty mode for Metal: Hellsinger.
  • Daring enough to try this new difficulty? Beware: rumor has it that a new threat awaits within the ranks of the armies of Hell.
  • Unlocked after beating the game in any difficulty.

New combos.

  • We’ve added a handful of additional advanced combos that build fury and score. These new combos will add further variety to rhythmic play and more interesting scoring strategies.
  • Play, slay and sway to the beats of chaos to find these new combos!

New Coat of Arms collectibles.

  • 4 collectibles hidden on each of the campaign levels, one per difficulty.
  • Unlock new cosmetic weapon skins.

Art Book.

  • Feast your eyes on the demonic art our dev-mons used to build Hell and all chaos within. Damn, I look good.
  • Available within the Extras menu.



  • Seraphs now deal more damage, and their beam attack is faster.
  • Shield Cambions are now less sturdy, while dealing slightly more damage.
  • The Siege Behemoths are now better at lining up their attacks to the beat.
  • Marionettes are more precise when attacking, and better at gauging the reach of their attacks.


  • Terminus:
    • The Infernal Solo Ultimate lasts for a shorter duration of time, but is now faster to build up to and deals more damage.
  • The Hounds:
    • Physical force of attacks has been lowered.
  • Persephone:
    • Falloff range has been increased.
  • Hellcrow:
    • The Murder of Crows Ultimate now deals less damage.

Scoring & Fury

  • Increased the Score given for Multi-Kills.
  • Decreased the Fury gained from Double Slaughter.
  • Fixed an issue where Fury gain from on beat actions would be skipped, if triggered at the same time as a Combo.


  • Adjusted the amount of health given from Styx Crystals and Slaughters to be less random.
  • Fixed an issue with how the Unknown navigates to an enemy for Slaughter.


  • Fixed an issue which could crash after running a calibration and spamming inputs.
  • “No rest for the wicked” achievement could be blocked from unlocking. We fixed this.
  • Fixed an issue where the EULA could overlap the Main Menu under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where Dead Zone setting could overlap the Main Menu under specific circumstances.
  • Vulcan and Hellcrow entries in the codex could be unlocked before getting the weapons. Well, no more!
  • Fixed an issue that could cause leaderboards to be visually overwritten and show incorrectly when swapping difficulties.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the ultimate indicator to not show on the crosshair when picking up a weapon in a Campaign.
  • The Boss song title should no longer show visible for a few seconds after skipping the cutscene and returning to the Main Menu.
  • On-beat feedback animation should no longer get stuck after switching weapons during a dash.
  • Fixed some naming inconsistency in the Portuguese localization.
  • Voke:
    • Fixed some environmental gaps in the third arena.
  • Stygia:
    • Fixed some rocks you could visibly clip through in the Boss arena.
  • Yhelm:
    • Fixed an issue where parts of the level could disappear from your FoV if navigating to a certain spot.
    • Fixed a stuck spot in the first arena.
    • Fixed a couple of spots in the fourth arena where enemies would not be able to reach you with their attacks.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause visible flickering on the first arena.
  • Incaustis:
    • Fixed an issue where the Judge Aspect could remain unresponsive after not being attacked at the beginning of the Final phase.
    • Fixed a rock that disappeared from FoV on the second arena.
  • Gehenna:
    • Fixed a map glitch that would let some clever devils to skip the first arena completely.
    • Fixed a rock in the first arena where enemies would not reach you.
  • Nihil:
    • Fixed a wall that would protect you from enemy melee attacks on the first arena.
    • There was a flying brazier in the third arena. There’s still gravity in Hell, and all braziers should abide to its laws. Even in Nihil.
    • Fixed a visual issue in the fourth arena under specific graphical settings.
  • Acheron:
    • Fixed a specific spot where you could step out of the map geometry in the third arena.
    • We followed the crimson river of Acheron and found out its source could be seen from the first arena. We created a new reality where that is not possible.
    • Fixed some visual issues on the third arena.
  • Sheol:
    • Fixed a visual issue on the pathway to the third arena.
    • Fixed some other small visual imperfections across the different arenas in Sheol.
  • Torments:
    • Fixed some areas that could prevent enemy attacks to reach you.


  • All Combos now have an indication of how much Score and Fury is given for them, visible in the Compendium.
  • Music credits have been added to the intro cutscene of all boss fights and is now also visible in the pause menu.
  • The version number of the game build is now visible in-game, in the Settings menu.

Metal: Hellsinger is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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