Meet Loba, Apex Legends Season 5’s new loot thief

We’ve now been given a proper look at the abilities of Loba, the latest Legend to join Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play battle royale Apex Legends—and boy does she look interesting.

First, check out her new trailer below, then I’ll help break down exactly what we’re seeing.

So, let’s run down her abilities.

Passive: Eye for Quality
No matter where Loba is or what she’s doing, she’ll be able to see all nearby Epic and Legendary loot in a specific range—and when I say that she can see it, that means even through walls or other structures. This is going to be an incredibly interesting passive to toss into the mix, as a good Loba will be able to help her team streamline the loot-finding process, meaning time can be spent getting the jump on enemies instead of desperately scrounging for a better shield or hop-up. Eye for Quality could be a game changer early on, especially at drop, when getting better items faster can be a huge advantage over other teams in the same drop zone.

Tactical: Burglar’s Best Friend
Movement-focused abilities are no stranger to either Apex Legends or its predecessor Titanfall 2, and we’re now getting another Legend that’ll have more options for getting out of—or into—trouble. Loba’s teleport looks like it could definitely be useful, but it also shouldn’t be overpowered thanks to elements like the amount of recovery time after teleporting. The big question now, really, is how many bracelets Loba will be able to use at any one time, and what the charge time on getting them back will be. At least in this video, we see her use two in quick succession, which tells me that you’ll be able to at least store that many up at once.

Ultimate: Black Market Boutique
Finally, Loba’s ultimate is easily one of the most unique the game’s ever seen. By planting her staff into the ground, it opens up a portal that can pull in any equipment in a certain radius around that spot. You’ll be able to access any items just laying on the ground, any in containers, and even those from supply drops and deathboxes. Oh, but there’s a few twists to this ability: each person can only take a total of two items, and your enemies can use your ultimate as well.

The potential uses for Black Market Boutique get really fun to imagine. Is there a huge graveyard of players with purple and gold deathboxes all around, but it’s too risky to run out and search each by hand? Throw down Loba’s ult. Find a good spot to hold up late game, but your team is running low on supplies? You’ve got access to more equipment without going out into the open. Spot a bunch of sweet loot in a building you’re running past, but don’t want to risk coming face to face with foes when grabbing it? Activate the ult outside, snatch what you need, then be on your way.

All in all, Loba is looking like a super interesting—and potentially overpowered—new addition to Apex Legends‘ roster. Oh, and if you’ve got a good eye, you might spot another addition to the game in this trailer as well, as we see two new golden gun variants coming along with Loba.

Apex Legends Season 5 kicks off on May 12th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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