Mass Effect Trilogy surfaces yet again

Mass Effect Trilogy might officially be gaming’s worst kept secret. In yet another leak for the remaster of BioWare’s trio of sci-fi RPGs, Czech retailer Herní-svět publicly posted listings for physical versions of the collection on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

While the listings themselves have since been taken off the site, you can still see screencaps of the listings thanks to some enterprising Twitter users:

As if you needed more reason to believe in the existence of the remaster, this latest version even includes what appears to be professionally designed, final box art, with black and white art of Commander Shepard. That could signal the EA is getting ready to announce the game quite soon.

Interestingly enough, the new art also updates the name slightly from previous versions: It’s now Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered. We’ll find out the official branding once EA announces in earnest.

We first heard about Mass Effect Trilogy back in May, when VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb claimed it would be the “EA HD Title” the publisher mentioned in a financial report. Last week, a Portuguese retailer briefly posted listings with placeholder box art.

We still don’t know exactly when Mass Effect Trilogy will launch, but EA had previously announced its mystery remaster would arrive before March 31st, 2021. Given the arrival of next-gen consoles in November, it may be in the company’s best interests to get the trilogy out before then.

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