Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is coming to PS5 this holiday season

Insomniac Games revealed Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales during the recent PlayStation 5 event, and we won’t have to wait too long to play it.

Coming this holiday season, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will put players in the role of the titular hero as he dons his iconic black-and-red costume for the first time. We also get a small taste of how Miles will play differently from Peter, as his invisibility powers make a brief cameo in the trialer.

The game looks like it’s once again set in Manhattan, but this time during the winter. It’s somewhat unclear who the main villain is going to be, though a few bad guys looked like they were decked out in Prowler-themed gear. Given the character’s backstory, it’s not far-fetched to think Miles might be facing off against his uncle, as the original also took some key elements from the Ultimate Marvel universe.

What isn’t clear is if this is going to be considered a full-blown sequel or something of a spin-off that will bridge the gap between the first game and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. While the original did get a series of DLC, Miles Morales could be a hint that the next game will let us play as co-op Spidey partners, with Peter and Miles working together. The fact that the Green Goblin doesn’t show up in this trailer makes us think that we’ll have to wait until Spider-Man 2 to face off against Spidey’s nemesis.

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