Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Hometown Heroes

One of the strangest things about open-world Spider-Man games is that they’ve almost universally confined the action to Manhattan. From a gameplay standpoint, sure, it makes perfect sense. Manhattan is the New York City borough with the densest, tallest buildings, making it the best playground for Spidey to swing around. But Peter Parker is, you know, famously from Queens. And Insomniac doubled the weirdness when it introduced Miles Morales, whose Brooklyn roots are a big part of his identity.

Well, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 finally lets its heroes play on their home turf, with an expanded map that includes portions of both Brooklyn and Queens. In addition to doubling the area of the game’s open world, the new boroughs will offer added variety in the form of neighborhoods with a more residential feel, and recreations of some of their most iconic landmarks.

And if you’re worried it won’t be as fun to get around without as many skyscrapers, well, what do you think those Web Wings are for?

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