March Xbox update adds even more functionality to Quick Resume

Xbox announced everything that’s coming in its March 2022 update, including more functionality for the Xbox Series X/S’s Quick Resume feature.

A new Pin to Quick Resume option lets you choose up to two titles that will permanently stay in that mode, barring a mandatory update. Previously, the console would make the decision which game to stop running in the background if players reached a certain threshold. Now Xbox Series users have a little more control over what games will start in Quick Resume.

The current-gen Xbox Wireless Controller is also getting some love. This update lets players remap the share button in the middle of the controller to other actions such as opening your friends list or muting your TV. Xbox also shared that more options are now available for the Elite Series 2 controller and the Adaptive Controller. Along with that, a separate firmware update for controllers “includes fixes and updates that deliver performance improvements.”

Finally, the update adds an entirely new audio setup wizard. This new settings option lets you fully configure your audio output and even lets you test the speakers connected to your consoles.

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