Magic: Legends trailer introduces Dimir Assassin class

The latest trailer for action RPG Magic: Legends takes a closer look at the Dimir Assassin Planeswalker class.

“The Dimir Assassin epitomizes Ravnica’s House Dimir, capable of setting up their enemies for devastating combo attacks and always fighting on their terms with a strong sense of control before exploiting a weakness to catastrophic effect,” according to publisher Perfect World.

The Dimir Assassin’s primary attack is “Shadowblade Throw,” which hurls massive blades that deal damage to all enemies hit. While the class’s abilities include “Forty Blinks,” which teleports the assassin to a location and then deals teleporting strikes, and “Blink Strike,” a teleport that deals damage and stuns enemies. See the class in action below:

Players can unlock the Dimir Assassin by reaching level 50 in the free or premium Battle Pass, or as the Grand Tier Prize from the Dimir Assassin Booster Pack. Unlocking the class also grants the Dimir Assassin Costume, Disinformation trait, and Nightveil Stalker spell.

Magic: Legends is available now in open beta on PC, with a full release scheduled for later this year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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