Lower-specced next-gen Xbox rumored to have same CPU as Xbox Series X

If you’ve been paying attention to talk about the upcoming next generation of video game hardware, then it’s quite likely you’ve heard about Lockhart, the second console Microsoft is supposedly developing to offer a lower-cost—and lower-power—alternative to the Xbox Series X.

The idea is simple: If you’d like to get a next-gen console but can’t afford the Xbox Series X, then Lockhart—which we have to assume would be the “Xbox Series S”—would let you play all of the same games its bigger brother can, just with reductions in things like resolution (possibly down from 4K to 1440p or 1080p).

In the talk that has been going around about Lockhart, one of its supposed elements would be a CPU that’s weaker than that in the Xbox Series X.

However, The Verge’s Tom Warren—who has a history of reporting on leaks surrounding Microsoft hardware—is now saying that the two machines will share the same CPUs.

Of course, there would still be differences in the other components, such as a noticeably weaker GPU.

While we were all expecting (or should we say hoping) to see the reveal of Lockhart at the upcoming July Xbox 20/20 event, Eurogamer has dashed those hopes, saying that the console’s reveal will now be coming in August.

So, for now, all we can do is continue to wait and wonder.

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