Lost Judgment’s The Kaito Files story expansion gets a release date

Sega and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio have announced that Lost Judgment‘s story expansion, The Kaito Files, will release on March 28th.

The DLC lets players take control of Yagami’s detective partner Masaharu Kaito in a new case that will tie up the loose ends from his past. Events are picked up following the end of Lost Judgment with Kaito taking on a case that involves him searching for an old flame named Mikiko while Yagami is out of town. During the search, Kaito encounters a teenager named Jun who claims to be his and Mikiko’s son, and they decide to team up to search for her.

Kaito has access to his own sensory-based detective technique known as Primal Focus and two fighting styles. The first of these is Bruiser, an aggressive beast-like style, while the second is Tank, a more defensive fighting style.

The Kaito Files launches March 28th on PlayStation and Xbox for $29.99. Ultimate Edition and Season Pass owners can download it for free.

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