Lost Judgment The Kaito Files DLC trailers focus on fighting styles

Sega has released a couple of new trailers for Lost Judgment’s upcoming The Kaito Files DLC that go over the two fighting styles in the expansion.

First up is the Bruiser Style, which gives Kaito access to “brutal punch attacks and rapid evasion techniques, including a gut punch counter-attack,” according to Sega. While the second is the Tank Style, a more defensive style that lets Kaito withstand attacks and utilize nearby weapons. Get a brief look at each style below:

The expansion gives players control of Yagami’s detective partner Masaharu Kaito in a new case that takes place after the events of Lost Judgment and will tie up the loose ends from his past. Kaito has access to the two fighting styles above and a sensory-based detective technique known as Primal Focus.

The Kaito Files launches on March 28th on PlayStation and Xbox for $29.99. The DLC is also included in the Ultimate Edition and Season Pass.

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