Lost Ark’s March update includes new story content and the first Abyss Raid

Amazon Games has outlined the new content that is coming to Lost Ark during the month of March.

Starting things off is a new storyline with its own quests, islands, and cinematic moments. Players will “learn more about the Sidereals and search for the legendary Kadan, the first Guardian slayer,” as they hunt down the final Ark. To take part in this content, players need to have completed the “Yorn – Let There Be Light”, “Whispering Islet – Start of Our Story”, and “Illusion Bamboo Island – End of the Trials” quests and it is recommended they have an item level of at least 1,100.

Also coming this month is a new end-game activity known as Abyss Raids. This new type of content is similar to Guardian Raids with a limited number of revives, but feature eight players. The first of these Abyss Raids, Argos, can be accessed through the Abyss Raid Statue in major cities.

“This isn’t all the content that will be included in the March Update – stay tuned for the full release notes, including details on additional changes and bug fixes,” Amazon Games said. “We’ll share more (including the date and planned downtime) closer to when the update is ready.”

In addition to new content, Amazon Games confirmed its plans to adjust the difficulty of several Guardian Raids and Abyss Dungeons due to very low success rates. According to the company, some raids and dungeons have been completed by less than 10 percent of players. The following content is being adjusted:

Guardian Raid

  • Vertus
  • Nacrasena
  • Flame Fox Yoho
  • Tytalos
  • Achates
  • Alberhastic

Abyss Dungeon

  • Necromancer’s Origin
  • Hall of the Twisted Warlord
  • Hildebrandt Palace
  • Sea of Indolence

“Looking forward, this change is not an indicator that all future content will be made easier,” Amazon Games stated. “We know that much of the appeal of T3 and late game content is its unique and challenging mechanics, and we do not want to drastically alter this core experience.”

Lost Ark is available now on PC.

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