Lost Ark roadmap includes the Glaivier, Destroyer, and more

Amazon Games has shared a new roadmap for Lost Ark that goes over the content coming to the game in April and May.

“We’re going to keep the near future focused on horizontal content and giving players clear paths for progression without feeling like they need to pay,” the publisher explains. “We want to give more players time to reach the end-game before introducing Legion Raids (the definitive Lost Ark raiding experience), and ensure players are able to explore Arkesia and progress at their own pace without feeling pressured to race toward end-game content.”

Starting things off in April is the arrival of the Glaivier class. This fifth advanced class for the Martial Artist makes use of the Focus and Flurry stances, which are represented with the spear and glaive weapons. Players can build up energy in one stance to get a stat boost when swapping to the other.

Joining the Glaivier is the continent of South Vern. This new area features new characters and quests, and is a Tier 3 continent, which means it requires an item level of 1340 to enter. Other additions for April include improvements to co-op party play for Secret Maps, new log-in rewards, in-game events, and a Feiton powerpass, which provides item level 960 gear.

Then May sees the release of the Destroyer Advanced Class for the Warrior and the introduction of Trial Guardian Raids. This new activity tasks players with defeating three Trial Guardians each week and features a “Scale of Harmony,” which adjusts item level to be appropriate to that of the enemy. 

Also planned for May are the Deskaluda Guardian Raid and normal and hard versions of the Valtan Legion Raid. However, Amazon Games states that it will delay the release of these activities if not enough players have reached the appropriate item level in time.

“Valtan’s Legion Raid and Deskaluda will be moved if we feel these activities would create pressure within the community,” the developer wrote. “Eventually, end-game content will be introduced, but players should feel comfortable to continue progressing at their own pace.”

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