Learn more about your gaming habits with the PlayStation 2021 Wrap-Up

It’s become a popular trend for companies to give you a breakdown of your adventures in video games in the previous year, and now it’s time to see how you did in 2021 when it comes to PlayStation.

Unfortunately, this is a “you” situation here, and not a “we” one, because when I try logging in to my PlayStation 2021 Wrap-up report, the system just gave me an error and said it couldn’t find my information. Hopefully, you’ll have better luck when trying, as the report will supposedly show a lot of stats for the PlayStation games you played last year, such as your total hours played across 2021, how many new trophies you earned, your top game of the year, and more.

As well, accessing your PlayStation 2021 Wrap-up report will also net you a code for four free PS4 and PS5 avatars, which I suppose I’m now going to miss out on as well.

To check out your PlayStation 2021 Wrap-up report, head over to wrapup.playstation.com and log into your PlayStation Network account.

Source: Official PlayStation blog

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