Leaked Xbox Series X images show the back of the console

Images of what appears to be a prototype Xbox Series X console have been posted online by Twitter user “Doug_DragoX.”

The first of these images shows the front of the console, which we’ve already seen during the console’s reveal at The Game Awards last month. While the second offers our first real look at the back of the console and the ports it will have.

Based on the image, the Xbox Series X will come with two USB-A ports, a single HDMI out port, an ethernet port, an optical audio port, and a power port. It should be noted that AMD did show the back of the Series X during a CES presentation, but this turned out to be a render and not based on the actual console.

Brad Sams over at Thurrott has since said that the images are authentic and also shed a little light on the rectangle port. According to Sams, that port is for diagnostic reporting on prototype systems.

To add a little more weight to the authenticity of the images, the visible serial number was used to successfully register the console to a Microsoft account.

Xbox Series X is scheduled to release holiday 2020 and will feature a processor based on AMD’s Zen 2 architecture, high-bandwidth GDDR6 RAM, an SSD, and support for up to 8K resolution and 120 FPS.

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