Latest Battlefield rumors point to upgraded ‘Levolution,’ battle pass system

More Battlefield “leaks” have surfaced, this time pointing towards upgraded “Levolution,” a seasonal battle pass system, cross-play, and an interesting change to the way that squads work.

The latest unsourced rumors come once again from Tom Henderson, known on YouTube as TheLongSensation. Considering publisher Electronic Arts has confirmed only the vaguest of details about the next Battlefield title, Henderson has seemingly at least accurately leaked (or predicted) that the game will have more players, so keep that in mind as we review his latest claims about the game.

First up is destruction, and here Henderson states that the next Battlefield game will feature an evolution of Levolution, the gimmicky destruction events from Battlefield 4. However, unlike in Battlefield 4, in which one major structure per map would be destroyed and change the flow of a capture point, the next Battlefield’s take on Levolution will be much more bespoke. Buildings can once again fully collapse, but the way that they will collapse depends entirely on how players choose to destroy them.

Other ways in which the core gameplay experience is set to change in the next Battlefield is how squads will work. Instead of squads operating alone, multiple squads will now form a unit, according to Henderson. These units will have a unit commander that can dictate which objectives players in their unit should defend or attack. What Henderson didn’t detail was what other gameplay changes these units will introduce, such as how the spawning system in the next Battlefield will work. Henderson did state that Assault, Engineer, Support, and Recon will return as the playable classes, which could mean that Assault will once again get the medic pouches, while Engineer will be strictly focused on vehicle maintenance and destruction.

As for the elements outside of the core gameplay experience, Henderson claims that the next Battlefield will have a free-to-play element, most likely battle royale, and that EA will introduce a battle pass system that will work similarly to other games’ battle passes. Along with this free-to-play element, the next Battlefield will also have cross-play between PC and console.

While these rumors sound plausible, Henderson did not mention where he sourced any of this information. As longtime Battlefield YouTuber Flakfire pointed out, Henderson also solicited likes at the end of the video, stating that if he reached a certain amount of likes he would reveal more information about the battle royale mode.

The only confirmed information we have about the next Battlefield is that it’s coming out holiday 2021, it will be revealed in the spring, and it will feature “more players than ever before.”

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