Latest Apex Legends patch plans to make Lifeline and Wraith mains cry

Respawn Entertainment has outlined the full list of updates coming along with tomorrow’s Lost Treasures event, and how happy or miserable the changes will make you depend on your favorite characters.

If, for example, you main Octane, Revenant, Crypto, or Mirage, you’ll have varying degrees of reason to celebrate. Octane, for example, will now no longer see the visual impairments when using his Stim, and the speed boost he gets from them will now be increased by 10%. Also, in an unexpected buff, players can now double-jump after using Octane’s Launch Pad, and even change their trajectory with the second jump.

Meanwhile, Revenant’s tactical can now cancel Pathfinder’s grapple mid-use and Phase Walk while Wraith is still activating it, as well as cancel a longer list of abilities. Far huger, however, is that his Death Totem Ultimate has now had its range totally removed. If I’m reading that the way I think it’s supposed to be read, that means that there’s no longer a limit to how far away from the Totem you can get—which seems like a huge boost to an Ultimate that was feeling kind of neutered.

If you’re a Wattson main (like me), then there’s both good and bad. Stating tomorrow, the pylon she sets down for her ultimate will now last for only 90 seconds, versus staying put as long as it wasn’t destroyed before. However, Wattson can now have up to three pylons out at a time—which I still can’t wrap my brain around—and she can stack two Ultimate accelerants in the same slot.

If you’re preference is Lifeline or Wraith—strap in.

Lifeline, to be fair, will have a new trick up her sleeve come tomorrow that’ll be a nice addition to her repertoire: the ability for her D.O.C. drone to handle reviving teammates, leaving Lifeline free to defend against any incoming foes. Also, Lifeline’s Care Packages will now contain more loot than before.

However, Lifeline has also lost something in the process: the entirety of her old passive. That means that she’ll no longer get a boost to how quickly she can revive teammates, nor will she get a speed boost when using healing items. How big these losses will be in practice remain to be seen, but it does feel like Apex Legends‘ resident healer is losing some of her healer-ness.

And then there’s Wraith. As someone who rarely plays her, I can’t talk with any authority on how much these changes will affect her, so let me present the rundown as-is from the patch notes:

  • Phase Walk
    • Phase Walk now takes 1.25 seconds to enable (was 0.4 seconds).  During this time, Wraith will receive a 20% move slow
      • This does not affect Phase Walk while placing a Phase Portal
    • While in Phase Walk, Wraith now gets a 30% move speed boost
    • While in Phase Walk, Wraith can now see other players while in the Void.
    • Phase Walk now lasts 4 seconds (from 3 seconds)
    • Phase walk cooldown is now down to 25 (from 35 seconds)
  • Phase Tunnel
    • Decreased distance for portal placement by 25%.

There’s a lot more changes coming our way tomorrow—including yet another nerf to my beloved Havoc—so check out the full rundown below.

Source: Apex Legends Lost Treasures patch notes

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