Knockout City’s Heatwave event begins

EA and Velan Studios have kicked off the limited-time Heatwave event in Knockout City.

For the next couple of weeks, Ice Pops will be appearing throughout the game’s maps that can be collected to complete various event contracts. Completing these contracts will reward players with a new form of currency called Heatwave Tickets. Tickets are also on offer for completing matches in Street Play and League Play.

These tickets can be taken over to the Heatwave Event Shop and exchanged for a number of exclusive rewards, such as the Summer Dad Outfit and Lazy River MVP pose. Additionally, completing all of the event contracts will grant players the legendary Holo Hydrant Ultimate Hologram.

The Heatwave event is scheduled to end on July 6th, so be sure to spend any tickets before then.

Knockout City is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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