Knockout City update includes numerous bug fixes

Update 1.3 is now available for multiplayer dodgeball game Knockout City on all platforms.

According to the lengthy list of patch notes, there are fixes for a crash at launch on Nintendo Switch, a third player turning up in 1v1 private matches, players being held in ball form being immune to Bomb Ball blasts, and players being unable to remap controls. Additionally, players now have to actually complete the KO Frenzy contract, the Crew Contract Rollout should no longer reset, and the KO Streaker contract should now be working.

Take a look at the full patch notes for today’s update here.

In other news, Knockout City’s next event, Heatwave, begins tomorrow, June 22nd. During the event, players will need to collect ice pops hidden around the city to earn Heatwave tickets and unlock some exclusive rewards.

Knockout City is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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