Kirby and the Forgotten Land gets new trailer, playable demo

Ahead of its March 25th launch, Kirby and the Forgotten Land has gotten an extended overview trailer and a playable demo.

For the demo, just head over to the Nintendo eShop online or on your Switch and download it for free. It includes the first three levels of the game, as well as the first boss fight.

The accompanying overview trailer goes over pretty much everything you need to know about the Pink One’s upcoming adventure. The trailer includes new copy abilities like the Chain Bomb and new Mouthful Modes, like the Arc Mode that sends Kirby soaring through the air. Forgotten Land gives Kirby the chance to upgrade his copy abilities, too.

Finally, we get an extended look at one players can get up to when not conquering Forgotten Land‘s levels. Waddle Dee Town offers new minigames (like fishing, of course) and shops for Kirby to purchase new cosmetics. There’s also the Colosseum, which basically looks like a boss rush mode, and new co-op gameplay.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land launches March 25th for Nintendo Switch.

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