It’s Halloween Week in Grand Theft Auto Online

Rockstar has revealed this week’s selection of bonuses and discounts for Grand Theft Auto Online.

This week, players can take part in a new Business Battle that features a downed UFO and earn double GTA$ and RP from Business Battles and Alien Survival. Additionally, the Halloween Bunker Series, Slasher, Slashers, Lost vs. Damned, Condemned, Come Out to Play, and Beast vs. Slasher are paying out double rewards.

Players can also get the Butchery and Other Hobbies Tee, the Knife After Dark Tee, and the Orange Dot Tech Mask for free just for logging in.

As for this week’s discounts, the MTL Nightmare Cerberus is discounted by 40 percent, the Declasse Nightmare Brutus is reduced by 50 percent, and Facilities are available at a 40 percent discount. Check out the full list of available discounts over on Rockstar’s site.

Finally, players who link their Prime Gaming and Rockstar Social Club account can get GTA$200,000 for playing this week, as well as the Vespucci Canals Nightclub for free and 60 percent off the Imponte Deluxo.

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