It’s Bounty Hunter Week in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online players can get a number of bonuses and discounts this week, Rockstar has revealed.

For the next week, Bounty Hunters can get double Role XP from all Legendary Bounties and double RDO$ from all Prestigious Legendary Bounties. There’s also a 50 percent RDO$ bonus available for the original 10 Legendary Bounty targets.

In addition to the above, all players who jump into Red Dead Online this week will receive 1,000 Bounty Hunter XP and 100 rounds of Express Repeater ammo.

As for this week’s discounts, Bounty Hunters can get 50 percent off all Bounty Hunter outfits and emotes, 30 percent off all Bounty Hunter weapon variants, and 30 percent off all Bounty Wagon Tints. Check out the full list of available discounts over on Rockstar’s site.

Finally, players who link their Prime Gaming and Rockstar Games Social Club accounts get a free Bounty Hunter license and an award for the Trimmed Amethyst Bounty Wagon Livery.

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