Insurgency: Sandstorm arriving on consoles in spring 2020

Insurgency: Sandstorm will finally be coming to consoles in spring 2020, developer New World Interactive has confirmed.

In a recent State of Production post on Reddit, head of production Derek Czerkaski revealed the release window and announced that Black Tower Studios will be helping to port the game to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Read what he wrote about the upcoming console release below:

After evaluating the scope of concerns regarding optimizations, back in July, we began a dialogue internally and with our publisher, Focus Home Interactive (FHI), about how to best proceed forward with releasing on console. Given the studio’s history, we didn’t have a lot of pre-existing experience internally relating to console porting, optimization, navigating console TRC (Technical Requirement Checklists), etc. Our CEO, Jeremy Blum, began exploring co-development partnerships earlier in the summer with FHI. The hope was that we could work alongside some talented developers who could help us navigate these challenges and the process itself, while simultaneously freeing up some bandwidth internally to continue generating new content + optimizing the game further for our PC audience. Effectively, by finding a partner to assist with console development, we can substantially expedite our own efforts at optimization while also getting some fresh eyes/additional perspective on recommended adjustments and changes.

The console release will launch alongside a new map that will be exclusive to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for two weeks. Following the exclusivity period, the map will be added to the PC version of the game.

Insurgency: Sandstorm is available now on PC, with a PlayStation 4 and Xbox release scheduled for spring 2020.

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