Infiltrator Mode added to Terminator: Resistance on PC

A new Infiltrator Mode has been added to Terminator: Resistance on PC, publisher Reef Entertainment has announced.

This new mode puts players in control of a T-800 series and tasks them with hunting down and eliminating Tech-Com Field Commander Ramirez. To achieve this, players need to fight through a new map filled with Resistance patrols, weapon caches, and more. Intel at each location will lead to the next and eventually reveal Commander Ramirez’s location. However, players need to be careful, as being destroyed will force them to restart the mission from the beginning.

In addition to Infiltrator Mode, players are getting new weaponry and a scoreboard to compare their performance with others from around the world. Watch the announcement trailer below:

Terminator: Resistance is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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