If this leak is real, PS Plus games are starting off 2022 strong

The first batch of PS Plus games for 2022 have reportedly leaked, and the list is really strong.

According to French website Dealabs (via Nibel), which has correctly leaked the last five PS Plus monthly games, January 2022’s list includes two PlayStation 5 games.

The first is co-op space dwarf mining FPS Deep Rock Galactic, which will be available on both PS4 and PS5. One of the most criminally underrated games of the last few years, Deep Rock was already scheduled to launch on PlayStation consoles early next year. Now it looks like it’s getting the Hell Let Loose treatment, which will hopefully finally get the game the attention it deserves.

The other PS4/PS5 PS Plus game in January is Dirt 5. The rally-car racer launched last year alongside the latest consoles as a showcase for what they were capable of, but it plays well and looks good on last-gen, too.

The last PS Plus game for January 2022 is PS4 only, but it’s a banger: Persona 5 Strikers. This Warriors-esque semi-sequel to Persona 5 is popular with fans, even if it’s gameplay is completely different from standard Persona fare. There’s a good chance that if you’re a Persona 5 fan you’ve already played this one, but it could be a good introduction to the series for newbies.

These games will be available to PS Plus subscribers from January 4th, 2022, to February 1st.

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