Hunt Stitcher Jim in the latest Sea of Thieves Adventure

Stitcher Jim is the focus of the latest Sea of Thieves Adventure.

After learning of Captain Flameheart’s potential resurrection, Belle believes that the prophecy is referring to Stitcher Jim, who hasn’t been seen since the “Heart of Fire” Tall Tale. As a result, Belle is asking all pirates to follow Jim’s trail through Devil’s Roar and find out what is happening.

“Flameheart’s undead forces are ferocious, but Belle’s recent actions have seen a number of courageous Ancients pledge their blades to the Pirate Lord’s side, ready to fight alongside crews and forestall Flameheart’s resurrection if they possibly can,” developer Rare adds.

The Herald of the Flame will be live until October 27th on Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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