Hunt down Philip Carlier and celebrate All Hallows’ Eve in Red Dead Online

This week’s Red Dead Online update includes a new Legendary Bounty, Halloween-themed masks, and bonus XP.

For the next week, Bounty Hunters will be able to go on the hunt for Philip Carlier. Carlier is a former Lemoyne Trading Company employee who is wanted for embezzlement and the murder of a colleague. Players will find this latest bounty in the swamps of Lagras.

Players can also visit Madam Nazar this week to purchase a number of Halloween-themed masks, including the Freak Mask and Swine Mask. In addition, special exclusive variants of masks are on offer for each of the three roles, with Bounty Hunters getting the Creature Mask, Traders get the Swine Mask, and Collectors get the Masquerade Mask.

As well as the above, players who reach Club Rank 10 in the Outlaw Pass will receive an exclusive variant of the Freak Mask, while players who reach Club Rank 20 get an exclusive version of The Horror Mask.

Collectors can also complete a new Weekly Collectible List for Madam Nazar that requires the Queen of Wands, King of Cups, and Ace of Pentacles.

Finally, everyone who logs in this week will be gifted a bonus 2,000 Club XP and can enjoy a 30 percent Club XP boost in numerous missions and modes.

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