House Flipper console players can transform their gardens later this week

House Flipper players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can begin working on their gardens later this week thanks to the upcoming Garden DLC.

This DLC allows players to leave the confines of the house and begin chopping down trees, removing weeds, mowing lawns, planting flowers, and more. In total, House Flipper: Garden introduces 17 new orders, 8 brand-new mechanics, and 500 unique items.

“This is a huge step in the direction of releasing additional content for House Flipper on PlayStation and Xbox platforms. Thanks to House Flipper: Garden, console communities will be able to manage the surroundings of their favorite properties. It’s something they’ve been asking for a long time, and we’re incredibly happy to finally deliver what was promised,” Kris Krej, Frozen District CEO, said.

House Flipper: Garden launches March 18th for $19.99.

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