Horizon Zero Dawn PC update fixes more issues

A new update has been released by Guerrilla Games for the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn that focuses on bug fixing.

According to the patch notes, today’s update fixes an issue that caused the Adaptive FPS option to lower performance and a couple of issues relating to cutscenes. There’s also a change that makes Aloy walk directly towards the direction the camera is facing when pressing forward, instead of at an angle.

Read the full notes for today’s update below:

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed a streaming compute shader crash
  • Fixed a crash on startup related to file paths with non-ANSI characters

Graphical Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where characters would noticeably warp between cuts during a specific cutscene in main quest “The Point of the Spear”
  • Fixed an issue where box graphics would flash during the final cinematic of the game
  • Fixed an issue in HDR where the UI could get overlapped by a black scene
  • Fixed an issue where turning on the Adaptive FPS option gave lower performance results than setting similar results manually

Gameplay Improvements

  • Aloy forward walking direction – Aloy now walks directly towards the direction the camera is facing when you press forward, rather than at a slight angle

Other Improvements

  • Executable details – Properties of the executable now also displays the current version

Guerrilla also noted a couple of issues that it is aware of, including out of memory errors during game optimization, graphical settings not working correctly, and performance issues.

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