Horde Mode Z arrives in World War Z

Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive have released the Horde Mode Z update for their co-op zombie survival game World War Z.

The highlight of this update is Horde Mode Z, a new game mode that throws endless waves of increasingly more difficult enemies at teams of up to four players. During each round, players will earn resources that can be spent on Defense Kits, weapons, upgrades, medkits, and more.

In addition to this new mode, today’s update introduces a new special zombie type called The Bomber. This new type of zombie can be carefully taken down to give players a small amount of time to disarm the bomb attached to it and earn some bonus loot.

Finally, a new set of premium weapon skins are available to purchase. These skins are free for owners of the game’s season pass.

World War Z is available now on Xbox One PlayStation 4, and PC.

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