Horde Frenzy returns in Gears 5 next week

The Coalition has revealed that Horde Frenzy will be returning in Gears 5 next week on March 10th.

This half-length variant of Horde Mode made its debut in Gears 4 and offers players a way to play Horde without having to commit a lot of time. According to the developer, the Gears 5 version will offer “bitesize, intense Horde experiences that can fit into a busy schedule or be played again and again late into the night.”

In Gears 5, Horde Frenzy is a 12-wave experience that will last roughly 30 minutes. Players will have to take on a mini-boss at Wave 4, and then a boss and mini-boss at Waves 8 and 12. Players will start with more Power and Power Taps will offer more Power per wave than in regular Horde.

Horde Frenzy will be available on Exhibit, Forge, and District via matchmaking only at launch. However, the mode will be expanded to all maps with the release of Operation 3 and then allow for Custom Lobbies sometime after that.

To celebrate Horde Frenzy’s release, the developer will be running a week of Free Boost and double character XP.

Gears 5 is available now on Xbox One and PC.

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