Holi event begins in Humankind

Humankind is celebrating the Holi Festival with a new in-game event, Sega has announced.

Between now and April 11th, players can complete a series of challenges to earn exclusive Symbols, Decorations, and an avatar and persona for ruler and warrior Nayakuralu Nagamma. The available challenges are:

  • Shrewd General – Force an Expansionist Empire that has Vassals to Surrender.
  • Famous – Accumulate 40 000 Fame over several games.
  • Smite the Wicked – Earn a level 3 Hero badge while playing as the Mughals.

Three more challenges will be available to complete starting March 24th.

In other news, a new update is coming for the game at the end of April that will add the ability to customize which notifications show up in-game and make a balance pass on culture affinities.

Humankind is available now on PC and is included in PC Game Pass.

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