Hitman 3’s March roadmap includes new Arcade Contracts

IO Interactive has shared its plans for Hitman 3 during the month of March.

To start with, a new batch of Arcade Contracts are now available for Elusive Target Arcade. Players can take on The Nebulae, the Genera, and The Vitae, with the Seiger AR552 Tactical on offer for completing any of them.

In addition, the developer has made the following changes to Elusive Target Arcade:

  • We will reintroduce the mission briefing for each individual mission within an Arcade Contract.
  • There will be one single complication that is persistent throughout each Arcade Contract.
  • We’ve removed the following complications from The Deceits: “Hide All Bodies” and “Camera Countdown”. The only remaining complication is “One Pacification”.
  • We’ve removed the following complications from The Codices: “One Disguise Change” and “Headshots Only”. The only remaining complication is “No Civilian Casualties”.
  • We’ve removed the following complications from The Ellipses: “No Ballistics” and “Camera Countdown”. The only remaining complication is “Hide All Bodies”.
    •  We’ve chosen to preserve the “Hide All Bodies” complication in The Ellipses to stay in line with the choice of retaining the first complication from each Contract and to avoid issues with the leaderboards. It won’t be coming back in future Arcade Contracts.

Next on the Calander is the Year 2 version of The Collector. Players have 10 days to eliminate him in Dartmoor starting March 11th. As with previous Year 2 returning targets, all players can take on the challenge even if they have previously eliminated the target.

On March 17th, IO Interactive is adding Contracts Mode support for The Author (Sapienza) and Patient Zero (Hokkaido) from Hitman’s Patient Zero campaign as well as some Featured Contracts.

Finally, March 24th will see the Elusive Target Arcade get some more love with three more Arcade Contracts. Complete any of them to unlock the HWK21 Covert.

Hitman 3 is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Stadia.

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